Daily Discussion Topics (and don’t forget the hashtags!)

So, not to be “that person”, but my wonderfully anxious, process-focused, perfectionist brain tends to wander and get side tracked pretty easily. I may sit down to write with the best of intentions, only to find myself an hour later looking up where to buy fainting goats on Ebay. The best way to keep myself on topic and to help all of us know what to expect for the day, each day will have a theme. I do NOT want that to discourage anyone from asking questions or posting things unrelated to the topic of the day; after all, I’m not THAT controlling! This is for me more than you, I swear.


*Who couldn’t use a little pick me up on Monday, right? My Monday posts will be music that gets me going (or calms me down). I also would like to share something motivational for everyone: maybe something amazing I read this week, could be an awesome picture that really spoke to me, might be something simple (like my coffee cup that brought me LIFE that morning!). But, don’t let me do all the talking. I want to hear from you all as well. Share something amazing, motivational or even kind of could be interesting that you saw, read, or heard. Remember, this site is for reaching out to one another, inspiring each other and, most importantly, reassuring others that they are not in this alone. Remember, sharing is caring!
TO BE HONEST TUESDAY #TBHtuesday or #b.u.t.tuesday

*Don’t ask me why, but Tuesdays have always been calming to me. Maybe it’s the relief that Monday has passed, maybe it’s because nothing special really happens on a typical Tuesday, who knows (I certainly don’t!). Tuesdays posts will be a little longer than most and will focus on the bitter, ugly truths behind anxiety and depression (which is where the hashtag b.u.t. comes from, but more on that later). Tell us what you wish others knew about your depression and/or anxiety, ask what you need help understanding about your friend or family members going through this pain. This is for being real, being raw and being there for others who may ask a question which you can answer. Post, comment, ask and share with your fellow warriors. If anyone understands, it is us, so tell us about it!
WHO DOES THAT? WEDNESDAY #whodoesthatwednesday or #WTFwednesday

*Some may call me a little but twisted, but what has helped me deal with what’s happening in my life, and the complete lack of control I have over myself at times, is humor. That’s right: I have to sit back and laugh at myself, out loud most of the time! Wednesdays will be personal pictures I have taken of things that make me go WTF?!? Things that I do, say or stress about that are ridiculous 9 times out of 10, and once I can calm down and realize that, I like to laugh about it. Share your WTF moments with us. Is there a song that you blast in the car when the traffic is too much for you to handle? What about something you eat or drink that helps motivate you to start your day? Tell us the wonderfully weird things your anxiety and/or depression makes you do: I may even try it and post what I think!

*It’s Friday Eve! The weekend is upon us and you may need some motivation today more than Monday to just make it through another day. On throwback Thursdays, I want to challenge you to find your motivation from within. Think about who you were when you first started having these feelings and emotions that you didn’t understand. Remember how you felt when you heard your diagnosis for the first time. Now, think of who you are now and look back on how far you’ve come. Share your stories with us. If you’re uncomfortable sharing all the details, no worries. Tell us one change you’ve made to help you cope. Even on days when you feel like you’re still the same person you were in the beginning, there is at least one thing that you’ve done, thought, written, or read that has improved your outlook and changed you for the better. I’d really love to hear from you!

*Friday is more of a free for all day. I am going to focus on posting facts, research or opinions of my own that may be “unpopular” in the depression and anxiety world. *DISCLAIMER: I am obviously not a licensed medical professional. I am, however, a real person who lives with these problems on a daily basis which I think makes me kind of bad ass! Flip the format on Fridays and share with me with your unpopular thoughts, opinions or beliefs. Remember, just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it true!

*Let’s keep it real. Some weeks, you are a rock star! You made it to work on time every day, you finished all of your homework, you got all of your chores or errands finished… you WON the week. Other weeks, however, maybe all you could manage to do was take a shower for the first time in a week. Maybe you finally found the strength to wash the dirty pile of laundry you’ve been watching pile up but didn’t care enough to do anything about it. Guess what? That is still a HUGE win in my book. The nature of the beast is that it is unpredictable and kind of has PMS. Once minute you’re fine, the next you can barely manage to keep your eyes open. You’re sitting with friends, enjoying your night, and then you feel a panic attack coming. One thing we could all improve on is beating ourselves up over what we can’t control. Show off Saturday is for sharing your wins for the week, the big ones and the small. Be proud of what you’ve done this week, even if you don’t think it’s important. Share your wins and see how important they really are. Support one another and BE WHO YOU NEEDED WHEN YOU NEEDED IT THE MOST!

– The topics on this page are difficult to talk about. That is one of the main reasons I knew I had to start this actually. Throughout the week, we share our stories, both good and bad, we talk about handling the difficult and confusing emotions, or ask for help being able to do so. Today is not about us though. Sunday is for the people standing in our corner, day after day, night after endless night, melt down after melt down. Today is for the friend who knows you won’t go out, but still asks you to anyways. Today is for your parents, teachers, siblings or children who desperately try to understand you and help in any way that they can. Their task is not an easy one, yet they day it with a smile on their face (and a tear in their eye). Today, give a shout out to the person who you couldn’t imagine going through this journey without they by your side and let’s yell a huge “THANK YOU” for putting up with us!!!

2 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Topics (and don’t forget the hashtags!)

  1. This is a great format!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I use this all the time with work or even at home. It helps me focus, some days more than others 🙂


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