Music is LIFE! Even at my lowest, I never lost my love for music. It can calm your nerves or hype you up! Music can give you any emotion you need at any given time; if you need a good cry, there’s a song for that. Have a bit of road rage but don’t feel like jail time? There’s a song for that too! Music has gotten me through some of darkest times and helped me learn many tough life lessons.

Bayside has ALWAYS been one of my favorite bands. Their lyrics are relate-able and I love how they discuss some heavy topics (including death and depression) using upbeat tempos. Their music helped me start to realize that we were given this life to live it, no matter what difficult cards you were dealt. It showed me that, just because a topic is unpleasant, doesn’t mean it must be presented that way. Your life is your story; you’re living proof that you do not have to live confined to the definition of your diagnosis. You were made to inspire others by proving how strong you are. You’re dealing with unimaginable obstacles and somehow destroy them day after day!

No one understands- Bayside

I’ve always played the fool around here
I’m starting to worry that
I rush through life forgetting to breath
We all need some time to adapt
No one understands
No one understands
What it’s like

Blame it on Bad Luck- Bayside

Pound my knuckles hard against the floor, my head against the wall. But I did this to myself. Assume it’s just not worth getting back up, so I’ll blame it on bad luck, and I’ll shake responsibility, yeah. I spent some time in a bad place at eighteen, wishing I could see something through clear eyes. Do you ever wake up to realize that your life is meaningless? Does it give you strength or lead you to you grave at a young age?

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