#WHODOESTHATwednesday #WTFwednesday

Some may call me a little bit twisted, but what has helped me deal with what’s happening in my life, and the complete lack of control I have over myself at times, is humor. That’s right: I have to sit back and laugh at myself, out loud most of the time!

Wednesdays will be personal pictures I have taken of things that make me go WTF?!? Things that I do, say or stress about that are ridiculous 9 times out of 10, and once I can calm down and realize that, I like to laugh about it.
Is there a song that you blast in the car when the traffic is too much for you to handle? What about something you eat or drink that helps motivate you to start your day? Tell us the wonderfully weird things your anxiety and/or depression make you do: I may even try it and post what I think! ***Please do not forget to like and follow my blog and remember: sharing is caring! I want the word to get out so that anyone looking for answers or information can find a place for support! Much love to you all!

2 thoughts on “#WHODOESTHATwednesday #WTFwednesday

  1. Mine’s not really weird; but, any day my anxiety is particularly bad I have to ride with my windows down and radio blaring. Even if it means I have to turn the heat all the way up.

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    1. I feel you on that one for sure! Music beats messy hair every time!

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